The Foundation has respectfully supported many wonderful projects that directly impact children and youth.


The Foundation funds programs focused on, but not limited to:

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Youth at Risk
  • Educational initiatives/programs and Bursaries
  • Health and Wellness including food and nutrition
  • Mental Health Initiatives
  • Culture and Language
  • Life Skills
  • Access to arts, sports


Life Skills Program in Youth Housing

Within a safe, stable housing environment in Vancouver youth are equipped through education and life skills training so they can break the cycle of poverty and gain the ability to live well and eventually provide for their families. As an example, youth are assisted in enrolling into school, assisted with school and assignments, assisted in seeking post-secondary funding and enrollment, they also learn about nutrition and cooking, laundry skills, organization and planning, time management, communication and even receive help in obtaining their drivers license.


Supporting Education

Upon visiting an elementary school in the Grandview Woodlands area of Vancouver B.C., the Foundation became aware that the majority of classrooms did not have access to up-to-date computer technology.  In addition to funding student bursaries, the foundation has provided funding for:
  • Interactive whiteboards and IPADS for 8 classrooms along with wireless connectivity for all classrooms
  • Chromebooks for grades 3 to 7
  • Printers for 8 classrooms
  • Apple TV for 8 classes
  • Power up storage units for 6 classes


Supporting First Nations Programs

  • Funding for 8 First Nations youth from communities across British Columbia to attend a 5 day Aboriginal Youth Leadership Symposium hosted by First Nations

  • Funding for 10 First Nations Youth from northern BC communities to attend an annual 4 day Gathering Our Voices Aboriginal Youth Conference, hosted by the First Nations community. This conference focuses on networking, learning new techniques and skills in workshops, knowledge sharing through cultural activities, witnessing performances by talented individuals, exploring career and education possibilities and to participate in sports and recreational activities. This annual conference is an excellent opportunity to promote healthy living in Aboriginal communities and supports youth in their personal growth and development. The Rina M. Bidin Foundation’s goals are aligned with this vision – to support youth in their personal growth and development offering a chance for them to reach their potential

  • Funding for a “Boys to Gentle Men” Program in Nanaimo, B.C. Hosted through First Nations and reaching up to 25 high-risk First Nations male youth ages 11-15 to attend after school programs facilitated by positive male role models and providing guest speakers, including First Nations elders to support positive lifestyle changes. There is a need to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma, abuse, poverty and addictions. With more than 50% of Aboriginal children in the child welfare system, now more than ever, there is a need to prepare young aboriginal men to address the intergenerational impact of colonization, residential school and the legacy of growing up in the foster care system. The younger that First Nations start educating their youth about these complex issues the more positive the potential for these youth to reach their potential as future providers, parents, grandparents and contributing community members. This program falls in line with the vision of the Rina M. Bidin Foundation – providing opportunities for children and youth to reach their full potential

Kitchen Connection First Nations Programs

Elders teaching children and youth. Cultural teachings for working in the kitchen including safe preparation and handling of food, nutritional teaching, budgeting, learning about the life cycle of traditional foods.